Friday, January 25, 2013

Sampler au bouquet part 1 statred

Sampler au bouquet by Jardin Prive' is a Stitch-a-long

piece for a Facebook stitching group.  I started part 1,  and I love how it is coming along.  

This is the first time I am stitching on 40 count, and I love it.  The piece is charted for DMC but I am doing in  with various overdyed floss.


Robin said...

very pretty
are you stitching it over 1 that sure will be small when finished if you are. I don't think I could ever see on something that small.

Robin in Washington State

Eva said...

Oh heavens no! Over 1 on 40 count? I would have to kill myself. I am doing it over two with one strand of floss.

McKenna C. said...

It's lovely!

Teresa said...

are you doing all 3? I fell in love with #2 when I saw Barb's finish.

Eva said...

Yep, I am doing all three. I actually have Barb's chart. She sent it to Lynn, who gave it to Michelle, who passed it on to me. It's going to Cindy next....a regular traveling pattern!