Thursday, June 21, 2012

Questions.....and some answers

Tammy tagged me and asked me the 11 questions below.  I need to answer them, then write up 11 questions of my own, and tag 11 people so they can answer them.  Here goes!

1. Favorite pattern ever stitched-show a picture if you can - Quilted Flag by Neon Flamingo

2. Favorite junk food to have while stitching. ! Chocolate !

3. Your Favorite Blog to visit:   Riona's blog, she posts such interesting things!

4. Do you leave comments on blogs?  I don't post comments very often, I don't think people really want to read what I have to write.

5. Do you reply to your comments on your blog?  I try to, when I remember!

6. Your favorite thread to work with ie. DMC, Anchor, sampler, weeks ect. Glorianna and Dinky Dyes silks!
7. Do you know a male stitcher? I met one once......

8. what is the biggest stitched piece you have stitched?  Rocky Mountain Christmas - about 30 hours left to stitch and it will be done!
9. What is the farthest away you have traveled to go to a stitching store, what was it called?   I have been to shops in Alaska and Europe.  The one in Austria is probably the furthest one, but I don't know the name.  My cousin took me there as it is her LNS.

10. Favorite tool to use with stitching  my eye glasses!

11. and last but not least Do you like stitching for others or yourself and why?  I love to stitch for family and friends, but I hate deadlines!

Here are my questions:

1.  Where is your favorite place to stitch?  In my comfy stitching chair!

2.  What is your favorite shop (brick and mortar or on-line) to purchase your supplies?  Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake IL

3.  What is your favorite specialty stitch?  Rhodes Hearts - they are so pretty!

4.  Which specialty stitch do your least enjoy?  Queen Stitches

5.  French knot, colonial knot or Mill Hill knot?  Definately a 'Mill Hill' knot!

6.  How much stitching time to do get per day or week or month?   I try to stitch an average of 3 hours per day

7.  Do you keep a stitching journal and if so, what do you include?  I do keep a journal of sorts, it includes start and finish dates, how many hours of stitching time on the project, as will as fabric and fibres used and if it is a gift, model or for myself.

8.  Besides counted cross stitch, what other forms of needlework do you do?  Crewel, embroidery, counted canvas, and hardanger.  I can crochet too, but haven't done that in a long time!

9.  When did you start stitching?  and why?  I was 6 years old when my Oma taught me stamped cross stitch and embroidery.  She said girls needed to keep busy and playing was not an option.

10.  Do you rotate your stitching projects or are you a 'one-at-a time' stitcher?  Definately a rotater, I find I get more done that way.

11.  How many UFOs, and WIPs do you have?  I refuse to call anything a UFO, so I have WIP and WISP, and I now have 11.  My goal is to finish a good portion of these this year, and to make some good progress on the ones I don't finish.

Here are the 11 stitchers that I am tagging:

1.  Riona
2.  Robin
3.  Katica
4.  Ranae
5.  Carolyn
6.  Joyce
7.  Rachel
8.  Kim
9.  Lillie
10.  Barbara
11.  Meari
(you should be able to click on each name to go to their blog if I did this right!)
They should now make up 11 questions and tag fellow stitchers.

Ok, have fun!  I can't wait to see your responses.


barbara said...

Thank you, Eva!

Robin said...

Thank you Eva. I did my best.

riona said...

Thank you ... I am very flattered. And as to your comments, of course, I want to read whatever you have to say ... that's why I visit your blog so frequently. I'll work on answering your questions and making up my own over the weekend.

Rachel S-H said...

I will answer the questions as soon as I can. I always want to read your comments--they are always appreciated.