Friday, June 22, 2012

4 Canvas Finishes

Honey I Shrunk the Wreath
I have been busy with the smaller canvas projects this past week. 
The first one is Honey I Shrunk the Wreath, which is freebie by Neon Flamingo.  I received this all kitted up at our ANG Christmas Party in 2010, and I have always want to stitch it, so I finally pulled it out and did it!  I have Quilted Wreath all kitted up ready to do, but haven't had a chance to start it.   Now I am itching to get to it!
Congressional Club Seal Ornament

The second piece is a small project from the Congressional Club Seal that the guild did a number of years ago.  I plan to finish it as an ornament

Fox Diamond Scissor Fob

The third piece I did is a scissors fob design, designed by Eileen Gurak of Handblessings Designs, exclusively for our guild's 40th Anniversary luncheon.  We received the kit at the luncheon this past April.

Byzantine Ornament

The Byzantine Ornament was kitted up for us at the 2011 ANG Guild Christmas Party and is a freebie from the Caron Collection.  I actually had printed out the chart a year prior, intending to stitch it but never got to it.

The three ornaments still need to be ornamentified, and the scissor fob needs to be finished, but that will be for another day!  Right now, I am happy the stitching is done.

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riona said...

You have got me itching to go back to the Caron site myself to print out another of their free ornaments. I stitched up one two years ago when I felt the need to do a little needlepoint. I think your small canvas pieces are lovely and should make delightful fobs and ornaments/

Lisa said...

What beautiful ornaments and scissor fob! I love the colors! I can't wait to see everything finished for they definitely will be gorgeous!
Take care.

Rachel S-H said...

Really pretty!