Sunday, June 03, 2012

Framed and Gifted!

I picked up Logan's birth sampler from being framed yesterday, just in time to take it to his 3rd birthday party today, but much to my horor it was pointed out to me that I had stitched the wrong date!  Thank goodness for curved needles!  I was able to make the correction without taking the framing apart. 

When Logan unwrapped it, he lit up and brought it right over to me.  He has seen me stitching on it and even helped me pull the needle through the fabric. 
I gave Sweet Treets by Country Cottage Needleworks to Natalie for her first birthday.  I will look great in her room.  A sweet treat for a sweet little girl.


Veronica said...

Both pieces are so sweet. Your framed did a wonderful job. Thank God you were able to change the date. Good save :)


Meari said...

Both look wonderful. What awesome gifts.