Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kelsey's in Placerville, CA

On the back to California from Nevada, we had the oportunity to stop in Placerville, CA. It is a charming little community with a cute cross stitch shop.

The shop is now a co-op, with six owners, I believe and recently moved to a new location. It is a cute little shop, very cheerful and inviting. The high ceilings and large windows are huge asset for the shop. Robin was busy shopping while I snapped some pictures.

I loved the table in the front where classes are held, or you can come in and sit and stitch awhile. There is lots of natural light.
Although there were lots of charts in the shop, I didn't have a very long shopping list, and already had many of the charts they were selling. There were lots and lots of Sue Hillis charts.
I did purchase this Sweetheart Tree kit, the model for this piece was finished as a bell pull, and really caught my eye. I also found this great tape measure that I will need for the 2007 Sue Hillis Cruise project....okay, so I am a bit behind.


Kim said...

What a nice store!
I could see myself doing a lot of damage in there.

Karen said...

Very pretty shop! I would have so much fun just looking around at everything. :)