Saturday, August 07, 2010

Elegant Stitch

After our trip to Needle in a Haystack, Robin still had a bunch of stash money burning a whole in her pocket, so we pursuaded Karen to stop at Elegant Stitch before returning to her house in Folsum. After all, stash shopping is a bit more important than sightseeing in San Francisco, we had been there before!

Elegant Stitch, although in a strip mall, still had a "warehouse" feel to it. I had purchased from this ship on-line and been very satisfied, so I was happy to visit in person.

They had a great selection of fibres, but unfortunately not alot of Dinkey Dyes, which is what Robin was looking for.

They had lots of new charts, and a great table for stitching near the front of the shop.
I found some charts I had been looking for for awhile, and even found some scissors sheats that I was desperatly looking for for a few months, and those were free!
It was a great stash enhancement day!


Karen said...

Love your new stash especially the chair! Elegant Stitch looks like a place I could spend lots of money haha.

Karen said...

Eva...I just stumbled across your blog and loved looking at all of your finishes and exchanges.

Wow.....I am amazed at the number of needlework stores you have visited!