Friday, July 16, 2010

Pin Pillows

I finally am able to post pictures of this fun exchange that was hosted by Becky a number of months ago.

This is the pin pillow that I stitched for Despina. After a number of mishaps and mailing issue, I have finally received word from Despina that it arrived in her mailbox.

I received this lovely pin pillow from Lillie, who lives in Malaysia. Thank you, Lillie, for the lovely pin pillow!

And thanks to Becky for hosting the exchange!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous projects!

Cole said...

These are beautiful, both sent & received!

Lisa said...

What lovely exchanges - both received and sent. It is always upsetting when you work so hard to get your exchanged finished up and sent prior to the deadline and then things become messed up. Oh, well, good that it got there!
Take care!

Elaine said...

Both exchange pillows are just beautiful!

Kimmie said...

My daughter just did "hello spring" for her 4-H project!! She got a reserve champion on it. "We" made it into a doorhanger.

Lillie said...

So glad you like the pillow, Eva.
Thanks for letting me know :D