Friday, July 02, 2010

The French Knot, Raleigh, NC

I had visited this shop on my last vist, and was eager to stop in again. I remember it being both counted cross stitch and needlepoint, with a wonderful selection of fibres.

Unfortunately, the shop is now just needlepoint, which really wouldn't be a bad thing, but not as well stocked with fibres as it should be. The fibres that were there were not organized well at all. There was a rack of handpainted canvases, but very few counted canvas charts. I did find out that struck my fancy, but the poor selection of fibres didn't allow me to kit it up.

It took forever for the clerk to find the right color mono canvas for the project, I was really about to give up. The only nice thing was that they ran the canvas through a machine that put some tape on the edges. Nice touch.
Next time I am in North Carolina, I can stitch this stop.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog googling :-).
I'm just venturing into cross stitch, though I've being doing traditional free style hand embroidery for a few years.
I'm familiar with the shop you posted about and it is so true... I liked it the way it was before, now I don't go there anymore.
If you visit again (the Triangle, NC) try to schedule a visit to The Lazy Daizy of Capital Blvd. Perhaps you've been there already. It is an all cross stitch shop ! They have lots of variety ! They have a webstore, but, they do not have everything they have available in the store through their website. They are very friendly and knowledgeable :-) and they have stitching group that meets every Monday from 6-9pm.
Just Sharing !

Anonymous said...

Me again... never mind previous shop suggestion.. I just read on you blog that you have visited it ! ;-) LOL