Sunday, December 14, 2008

Framing 101

When Sue Hillis was visiting last October, she wanted something to do besides stitching because her eyes were bothering her and she wasn't comfortable stitching. I had about nine different stitched pieces that I was going to try and frame myself, so she framed them for me,and I watched. I have framed photographs before when my husband and I had our photo studio, but never really learned to properly frame needlework.

It didn't look hard, so I gave it a try this evening. The first piece I framed was Sue Hillis' Pirates Creed that was stitched by my sister. She stitched it for her boss. I plan to stitch it for mine also, but haven't gotten around to it yet. So here is my first attempt at framing. I am rather pleased with the results.

As long as I had the tools out, I decided to frame LHN Captain's Inn that I stitch for John as a Christmas gift. I bought the frame at Michael's for $5, but since it was a photo frame, it was a bit more challenging to frame this piece, but again, it turned out well and it sure beats paying for framing!

I have more frames and more stitched pieces, so I will try and frame one or two each week until I am caught up with framing.


Rachel said...

Great job on the framing. I too have been choking on the prices places are wanting for framing projects.

How did you do yours? Pre-made frames?

Kim said...

They turned out great Eva! I tried my hand at framing after Sue explained it to me and with a little fiddling I was able to do it. And it was relaxing too!

Cindy F. said...

Great job Eva!! They both look like you had the framers do them!!

Kit said...

I think I like the sentiment behind pirate’s code, ha ha, the frames look wonderful.

Threeundertwo said...

Can you do a tutorial? I can't deal with the high prices (although I've sometimes paid them). I just wing it with my own frames. But I have a huge stack of unframed pieces that ought to be displayed.

I love that pirate motto!