Friday, April 25, 2008

This month's Texas Stitching

Here's this month's installment of Texas Stitching. I have a total of 9 done now with 3 to go.
I understand that Justin likes these and wants some of his very own. The charts are available at Ginger's in Austin Texas (they will ship to your corner of Texas or anywhere in the USA) and then Justin, you can come and sit with me and I will teach you how to stitch.


Daffycat said...

Gahh, I can see the very tops of words but the rest are missing...some bug in this post.

Your Texas squares are really cute!

JNoble said...

EVI: I would really love to actually do that, but shhhh..don't tell the boys will raz me. I would sit and crochet with my aunt, much to my dad's dismay!

They are super cool!

Eva said...

I actually know a number of men who do needle crafts, and they are very manly men, so you would be in good company.