Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Teapot

I finished the April Teapot last night, so now I am all caught up! I do have the May Teapot here and ready to go, and the June Teapot is out and will be in my hands by the weekend, but I must resist the urge to start them until May and June respectively. This one is done on 30 ct. Dove Weeks Dye Works linen, with GAST and WDW threads and buttons by Just Another Button Company. I just love the snake that forms the handle of the teapot!


Lisa said...

I have to admit I might be weakening on these - I like them much better stitched up. Great job btw!

MrsJ said...

This one is cute! Is that a little bird sitting on the top?

Eva said...

Yes it is a little bird....actually a white dove. If you remember your bible stories, after the floods, Noah sent out a dove and when the dove returned with an olive branch, he know that the flood was over and they would soon see dry land.