Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rocky Mountain Christmas April update

Here is RMC after April's stitching session.
150 hours so far
1039 stitches this month
18,187 total stitches to date.


MrsJ said...

So, how do you keep track of your stitches again? I'm imagining you sitting and counting each one...which would be like counting every step you take rather than using a pedometer. I'd go batty.

Eva said...

People have accused me of being batty.....

I highlight the stitches that I have done on the chart. It helps me keep my place. At the end of each 10 hour session, I count them up, which is easy as the there are also 10 x 10 stitch blocks indicated, so each completed block is 100 stitches. It really isn't as complicated as one would think.

Martha said...

hehehe. can you imagine actually counting? And: wait...was that 4,308 or 4,318? Crud - I gotta start over again! ;)