Monday, February 12, 2018

And We Have a Finish!

I finished stitching Afternoon in New York by Country Cottage Needlework in the wee hours of the morning......

I am glad it's done!  This is the fourth and final piece of this series that I stitched, and now I have to decide how to frame them.  Will wait for the framing sale at Welcome Stitchery this May.

This one was not as easy to stitch as the other three.  The chart is fine, I am the one who caused all the issues.  Lots of reverse stitching because I forgot how to count correctly.  I also ran out of WDW Grapevine, and then couldn't find the DMC substitute 3031 anywhere in my house or stitching room.  (I have at least two or three of every DMC color - except this one!).  After working on another area and making a trip to Michael's for the floss, I found a bobbin of it right in the stitching bag for this piece.  Why didn't I look in there? 

Well, it's done! 


Tiffstitch said...

Great finish! Crazy how those bobbins grow legs and vanish.

Bekca said...

My bobbins are always going walkabout, I have so many multiples of threads! Congrats on a gorgeous finish :)