Sunday, June 04, 2017

Biscornu Finish, Finished!

This cute biscornu was one of our EGA Guild projects.  It is the Valentine Biscornu by Cindy Valentine, and can be found under petite projects on the EGA webside. 

It is listed as a beginning hardanger project, but I would argue that it is not for beginners, but probably should be listed as an intermediate or at least advanced beginner. 

Nevertheless, I stitched it (with a few minor changes) and then did the finishing yesterday. 


Mary said...

The hardanger piece is lovely. I admire all the work involved in making them. I have a gorgeous hardanger tablecloth my husband's grandmother made and I treasure the time and talent that went into making it. I just saw there was an EGA guild meeting near me, I only cross stitch at the present time, I thought about going to the meeting but not sure if counted cross stitch counts as embroidery. Have a great week! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever2

Mary said...

Very beautiful Hardanger biscornu.

Terri said...