Saturday, August 15, 2015

Needlepoint, LTD

On my recent travels, I stopped in at Needlepoint, Ltd. in Garden Grove, CA.  It was a bit hard to find, as it is way in the back of a warehouse complex.  Once I got there, I actually called the store to make sure they were open as it looked rather deserted.  The shop had moved in to its present location in January, but from the looks of the place, you would think they moved in last week. 

The shop is very well stocked with every imaginable fibre!  They carry handpainted canvases, as well as counted canvas charts and counted cross stitch charts.  The charts however, are not really displayed well, and things are hard to find.  In fact, some of the chart packs are bent over in the displays so they are even harder to see. 

There were still boxes with charts that didn't seem to be unpacked yet from the move. 

Overall the shop seemed 'dusty' and disorganized, but I managed to find some things that I couldn't live without!

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Tiffany Pincombe said...

Too bad it was disorganized, that's the worst kind, and dusty, yikes. Glad you found a few things you needed though.