Thursday, August 14, 2014

Historical Needlework Class

This past June I was asked to teach a class on Historical Needlework of Southeastern European Germans at our German club.  I took my inspiration for the traditional motifs used by German nationals living in Hungary, Romania and the former Yugoslavia.   I  had found many examples in our own museum, and showed practical uses of the stitched items as well as how patterns were transferred in the olden days. 

The students were 50 teens, put into two groups, so I taught the class twice.  Since many of them had never even held a needle, I had to start with the basics.   I took a historical motif and had them stitch it on a bookmark. 

Many of them were seen stitching on the bookmarks later in the evening, long after the class was over.  I guess that means they liked it!  It was a pleasure for me too!

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