Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mardi Gras Mail Art

I received a lovely piece of Mail Art in the mail the other day, all the way from Germany.  The theme of this mail art round was "Fasching" or as we know it: Mardi Gras. 

It was beautifully stitched and constructed, but Maria was afraid to send it through the mail, so she put it in an envelope.  Although she put a stamp on the stitched envelope, it wasn't cancelled.  It was lovely to received none the less.
This is the piece that I stitched for the exchange and sent to Michaela in Austria.  I wanted to portray an American Mardi Gras, and finally found the chart that would work.  Imagine my surprise when I found great Mardi Gras Fabric for the lining at my local JoAnn's!

Michaela hasn't yet received the envelope and I hope it gets there faster than the one I sent to German right after Christmas.  That on took 6 weeks!

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Meari said...

Your mailart turned out really nice. Awesome that you found a Mardi Gras fabric for the lining.