Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Cat Stitchery

It seems like every few weeks, another LNS announces that it is closing.  In Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, however, a new LNS just opened this past Mother's Day weekend.
 I had the opportunity to stop in at The Black Cat Stitchery last weekend.  It is a charming shop with lots of potential. 

The shop has just been open for two months, and is still growing.  They are sorely in need of models for their walls, and there isn't a lot of inventory but that could change as they grow.
Unfortunately, there is no web site, even though they have a nice newsletter that is sent out electronically if you sign up. 

I look forward to visiting again to see the shop grow.


blue star stitcher said...

Oh their walls look so empty without any stitched models. It is encouraging to here of new needlework shops opening. We are very lucky to have two good ones in our city.

Faith... said...

I plan on going to visit this shop one day soon. I am in Illinois too but way down near Indiana.

Wish them nothing but success!

Erica said...

Thank you for the kind comments. We do now have more on our walls (and continue to stitch as fast as we can to add more). We also have been bringing in trunk shows to get more up for customers to see. Our inventory has probably quadrupled since this post was originally sent! We love it here and love our customers. Thanks so much for the support. Erica Heyl