Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 fat men week 14

Not as much stitching time this Monday as I had hoped, but some progress was made.  I do see the end looming near!     Next year's piece by Lizzie*Kate is said to be "6 Fluffy Ladies"....not sure if I will be stitching that one or not.  I will have to see the charts first.


Melissa said...

Wow!!!! It looks wonderful!!!

Deanne J said...

Looking good, I love this design

katica said...

love your progress... You are getting close to finishing! You just may be first!

Sadly I haven't stitched since last week thanks to my hand, but its getting better so hopefully there will be stitching in the near future.

I agree, I want to see the 6 Fluffy chicks first but knowing L*K they will be cute as a button! Maybe we can do another SAL with them!

Linda said...

I too didn't get as much time to stitch on the Fat Man this week either, but every stitch counts. This is looking great and certainly don't think it will be much longer before you have it finished.

6 Fluffy chicks would be a great one to go with this though.