Monday, February 28, 2011

Market Party at Welcome Stitchery!

Last Friday afternoon, I found myself in Crystal Lake, IL at the flag store on an errand from work. I got all the flags ordered by 5 pm, and then walked across the street to Finn McCool's where I was meeting Debbie and Renae for dinner.
After dinner, we walked around the corner to Welcome Stitchery for their Market Party. Lots of new things to look through, making the decision of what to buy very difficult. I ran into Ilona at the shop, it was great to see her again too!
After making my own purchase and making sure that Debbie and Renae filled their baskets, too, Debbie and I headed across the street to Starbuck's to have some hot chocolate and inspect each other's purchases. It was a very enjoyable evening!


mbroider said...

enjoy your new stash

riona said...

I want to move next door to you and become your travel buddy on all your stitching adventures sure do seem to have a lot of them!!! And all of them turning me slightly green with envy ... though I sincerely wish you joy of all the LNS's within striking distance of your home.

Kay said...

Wish I lived closer to Crystal Lake!