Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Quilts finish

I finally finished a square for Love Quilts. I had resolved to stitch at least 1 square each for this worthwhile cause, but it has to be stitched on aida, and I hate stitching on aida. The design is from Stoney Creek's Jungle Babies.
Last year, I didn't stitch a square because every chart I picked up had tons of fractional stitches and since it has to be stitched on aida (did I mention I hate stitching aida?) I just couldn't bring myself to stitch. This year I found a design without fractional stitches, but it had large color blocks.....can you say boring? I am just glad it is done!
Off to stitch something else on my list, on evenweave....did I mention that I hate stitching on aida?


coral said...

Eva you and I will go and sit in the Ihate aida corner

Elaine said...

I'll be in that corner too Eva but the little ellie is adorable!

riona said...

I am with you when it comes to stitching on aida ... I am currently involved in a RR that strongly advises all participants to use aida ... I committed to it before I had this little nugget of information. I am preparing my own piece with a border of 81 medallions containing acorns ... each of which has fractional stitches, back stitches and long stitches ... so much easier on linen. I haven;t stitched on aida but two or three times in the past 20 years ... so I guess I belong in the corner, too.

That being said, your little elephant calf is very sweet and I am sure will be one of the child's favorite squares.

Ranae said...

It was nice seeing you at Welcome Stitchery

Barb said...

The elephant is so cute. I use to prefer stitching on linens and evenweave but my eyes can't see the holes. Fortunately for me but unfortunately for you Love Quilts only takes aida cloth pieces. The elephant is just darling and will be a great asset to the quilt.