Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Silver Needle

While I was in Tulsa this past weekend, I planned to take some time for stash shopping. In my research I found that the Silver Needle was located in Tulsa, and was reported to be a very large and well stocked LNS. I had shopped at the Silver Needle's booth at CATS in Nashville a few years back and looked forward to visiting the shop itself.

Friday morning, I set out bright and early at the crack of ten. Armed with my list I entered the shop. Wow! It was spacious, well lit, had attractive displays and lots and lots of things that interested me!

There were stitched models everywhere!

Beautiful Chatelaine charts all stitched, and matted.

Bent Creek "Rows" displayed in colorful mats.

Lots of Jeanette Douglas designs finished in beautiful boxes and frames.

Just Nan models displayed in one section.

An entire display dedicated to Lizzie Kate designs, with some great finishes.

Lots of beautiful fabrics

Even a Vera Bradley section......I thought I was in heaven!

Even though the shop was lovely, and the staff was friendly and helpful, I found that I was dissappointed. I had a number of things on my shopping and list, but had trouble finding things to purchase. Sue Hillis had asked me to pick up some fabric for her, but they didn't have what she wanted. I wanted to get 40 count fabric for Shores of Hawk's Run Hollow, but they didn't have the color I wanted. I wanted to purchase the Needlepoint silks for that chart also, but they didn't have them. I was looking for a number of other charts on my list, which they didn't carry. I needed some Caron Watercolors, which they didn't carry. I wanted some Kreinik metalics, but they didn't have the ones I wanted.

The first lady helping me seemed rather new and didn't really know the stock very well and didn't really seem to know what I was asking for. The second lady that helped me knew the stock better and was able to help me find some things, but kept saying she usually only works on Saturdays and lots of things had been moved so she didn't know where they were.

The shop was definately worth visiting, but it was rather disheartening to ask for something only to be told, we don't carry that because we don't have many requests for it. I didn't think my tastes were that much out of the ordinary.

Check back tomorrow for my report on the LNS across the street from the Silver Needle.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Been there, done that. CJ ok;-)

Karin said...

That is so disappointing! I would have had the same expectations as you did! Hopefully your visit to the other store was more successful!


Pam said...

Eve - I was there several years ago (the last retreat that they held at the "very rustic" camp). Altho I thought I would find the Mecca for stitchers, I too was somewhat disappointed. Anxious to hear about the "other one."

Ranae said...

Aww! That's too bad you didn't get what you were looking for. It does look like I could spend all day there though. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

I can't believe how many stitched pieces are in there. Even though they didn't have what you want it still looked like it was a fun time.


Cindy said...

Great report! I have always wanted to visit that shop sometime. It's too bad that they didn't have the items you were looking for.

Teresa said...

I've been there and loved it. I haven't ever been to a shop though that carried everything I was looking for.....not even online. LOL Sorry you felt disappointed.

Rachel S said...

That is surprising. I always figured they would have pretty much anything you needed. But I guess there are too many fiber lines out there for any LNS to stock everything.