Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Am I?

All my life I have been know by different labels. I know I have always been an individual, but at first I was known as Nick and Maria's daughter, then Trudi and Walter's sister. I was Peter's wife, and ultimately Viki, Tony, Mark and Kristin's Mom. Being "Mom" is certainly the single most important label that I have had. I have also been known as Frau Rill, the German teacher and the folk dance instructor, and Tante Evi to my nephews and other honorary nieces.

Yesterday, I was hit with a new label. I was at another parish for an Archdiocesan meeting, and stopped in at their office to make some phone calls as our phone system at work had been down for two days and I needed to confirm some details for some upcoming funerals. I have known some of the people in the office for a few years, but not all of them. As I was leaving, I heard "Hey, wait!" so I stopped and asked what was the matter. The woman said to me "Are you Trey's mother-in-law?" Then it hit me. I am a Mother-in-law! This is nothing new, as I am a mother-in-law three times already, but suddenly it hit me! I have a new label! Trey's mother-in-law! And Trey is famous!


TreyJ said...
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TreyJ said...

I'll bet I know who it was that asked you the question... :-)

Fun story, though I wouldn't go so far as to call me famous!

MrsJ said...

That's awesome!

Kristin said...

what the hell is trey famous for... and FYI, you're Karen's mother-in-law AND jonathan's mother-in-law too... not just Treys... :)

Eva said...

Kristin, I said I was a mother-in-law three times, so that does include Karen and Jonathan. Trey is a famous conductor and musical director, that's why I was asked if I was Trey's mother-in-law.