Friday, December 28, 2007

The Project that went around the world!

Presenting the first of my finishes in the Stitching Diva's Round Robin.

This cross stitch project just returned home a few weeks ago, after a long trip around the world! It started out in my family room in February of 2007, where I stitched the center square (#5) and the one directly below it (#8) as well as the border. Then it went to Miami, FL, where Denise Grenfell stitched square #7. From there it went to Fort Nelson, BC, where Suzanne Baker stitched square #9 in April. In May, the piece found its way to Whitehorse, Yukon, where Viv Bales stitched block #6. By July, the project had traveled to Mooroolbark, Victoria, in Australia, where Coral Cummingham stitched block #1. Coral then sent the piece to Essex, England, where Irene Forrest stitched square #4 before sending it on. Next was Sara Sowers who lived in Hope Mills, NC at the time, and she stitched block #2. The only block left was #3, which was stitched by Teresa Dorn in Foristell, MO, and then it came back home to me.

I think I will make a throw pillow out of this piece. It is a piece that I will treasure always, as it was stitched by good friends.


Clare said...

What a stunning piece Eva - and such a lovely journey too.

TreyJ said...

That's a very cool story! It really has been all over the world.

Martha said...

that piece of cloth is more traveled than me!!

How does that work? Is everyone a group of friends, or is it kinda stitch one and send it to someone YOU know (but the owner may not...)? And do you send the thread to ensure it matches, or do they match it themselves to your initially stitched pieces? Do they get to decide what they add, or following something similar to whatyou have?

Eva said...

Martha, this is an established group of stitchers that I was invited to join. A mailing "order" was established (A mails to B who mails to C who mails to D and so on). Every participant picks a theme or color or chart and stitches the first piece and then sends it to the next person on the list. Every 6 weeks or so, each participant gets a new piece to work on and then send on. In this case, I send a chart along, and each stitcher picked a section to stitch. The thread colors were indicated on the chart, so each stitcher used the correct colors and they all matched. In other cases, if specialty fibres are called for, those could be send around with the fabric. Clear as mud?