Friday, April 13, 2007

This past week's stitching:

I made some more progress on the American Soldier Memorial Project. At this point I am a little more than half way finished.

I also started this Hargandger Table Runner on Easter Sunday. I am about 2/3 done with the center motifs. It will be a raffle prize for the Youth group's fashion show at the end of this month. Hardanger is a Norwegian embrodery that involves cutting threads and filling stitches. I haven't done any cutting yet, I want to get all the Kloster blocks and other embroidery stitches done first before I cut and then fill in.


MrsJ said...

man, you're fast!

Finlands finest said...

You are AMAZING!

Kristin said...

hmmm... how many peices are in front of the ring bearer pillow for my wedding... just curious... ;)

I love you momma

Eva said...

Your wedding pillow will be next, after the runner is finished.

Love you too, Kristin!