Monday, January 22, 2007

What's in the works?

My daughter asked what I was working on. Now, Viki, when have you known me to not have a stitching project going?

Usually I have three projects in the works. Rocky Mountain Christmas, which I work on for 10 hours each month (well, 20 hours until I am caught up), a medium sized piece (currently ducky borders on bath towels for JC's Birthday in August) and a medium-small piece (currently a model for Sue Hillis).

As soon as I get the model piece and two quilt squares done, I will be stitching on the American Soldier Memorial project exclusively until it is finished.


MrsJ said...

No, I asked if you had anything you were designing...I know you've talked a little bit about that over the years.

I know you always have something like 15 different stitching projects going on at once...

Eva said...

15! Never! I have at least that many waiting in the wings, but never more than three being worked on at one time.

As to designing, I am not an artist. I had enough trouble putting the quilt square for Hurricane Katrina together. I will be content to be an advisor to Sue Hillis and let her do the designing!