Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank goodness for bad weather!

Yes, that's right, I am thankful for bad weather today.

The bad weather prevented the protesters from protesting at today's funeral for a young man killed in Iraq. 10 or 11 were scheduled to fly in today, but the ice and snow grounded their flight.

Fred Phelps and his small group have been in the news garnering disrepute as they cross America and stage vulgar demonstrations at funerals of American soldiers killed in the Iraq war. Phelps, a disbarred attorney, calls himself the reverend of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas. While they call themselves Baptists, there are no other recognized Baptist churches associated with them.

These zealots have now staged well over 100 of these funeral protests in the name of God. They are delusional because their methods are not projecting God’s love, but rather their own hatred. During the protests, Phelps’ zealots hold up offensive and profane placards protesting the war in Iraq, abortion, homosexuality and even the Catholic Church.

As mourners arrive at the funerals of their loved one, they are faced with scripture quotes, vulgar slurs and offensive signs stating that the death of their loved one is God’s wrath on America because of our sins.

We are thankful that the weather prevented their coming to St. James. The family and friends of this young man are having a difficult time as it is, and didn't need to see these idiots.


MrsJ said...

I think there's actually a law now that bans protesting at funerals at Arlington - glad that the weather prevented them from coming out.

Bronzemom said...

Kudos to you, Eva, for posting this!
Those protestors are not Christians -- and do not even know the meaning of the word's "G_D's Love!".

TreyJ said...

I've been hearing about these idiots for some time now, and it pisses me off to no end to see them defame our soldiers and ridicule their families. Whether you agree with the policies of this country or not, everyone should be respectful of the men and women who serve, especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Barb said...

They tried to protest at a couple of funerals in Grand Rapids as they were just a day apart. Other groups and police prevented them from being near the two families. In fact they showed signs supporting them. The protestors were kept blocks away. They haven't tried to come back to this area since.

Martha said...

It's one thing to protest the war...another to show up when family and friends are mourning the death of a loved one (what, exactly, are they accomplishing by protesting at a FUNERAL? Go someplace a little more logical for a more effective "protest".)