Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Model Stitching

 I was asked to do some model stitching for Sue Hillis Designs last month.  Now that the design has been released, I can show you what I stitched.  I was at Sue's house while she was designing these and did have some input, but she really doesn't need any help in designing, she is so talented and really knows her market.  I stitched these six witches' hats on some lovely hand dyed fabrics and then sent them off to Sue for finishing.

 She finished them on these painted sleds.   Yes, I know the sleds are meant for Christmas ornaments, but she painted them black and orange and made them Halloween ornaments.
This is the finished design and it is available at your favorite shop! 

I am not really a fan of Halloween, but this is one that I would stitch!


Laura said...

I am not really a Halloween stitcher but I love these patterns.

Anonymous said...

I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

*-* said...

Love the witches hats, also Sue's designs.

Astrids dragon said...

OMGoodness, these are adorable! I think I might have to get this for next year.