Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photo Booth Finish

I just love these Bent Creek Photo Booth charts!  I have done a number of them already, and here is the latest installment that  I have stitched.  I need to pick up a frame for it next time I am at Welcome Stitchery. 

This is Frank 'n Boo! 


jerogert said...

I found your blog and I love your work. I am stitching the Frank and Boo photo booth now and i can't figure out what the green thing is in the top frame, and then the blue spots in the second frame?? I thought maybe it was the flash. What did you think? I hope you can help me. Joan

Eva said...

I can't respond to you as your profile doesn't give an e-mail address. Hope you see this.

The top frame - the green blob is the monsters hand, the second frame, the blue blobs are the ghosts 'cheeks'