Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday 4-13-2016

today I am working on the January block for the Joyful World Stitchalong hosted by Maja at the Snowflower Diaries blog.  I started late, and started with February because it is in the middle of the top row.  I hope to get caught up soon.  Before anyone tries to correct my spelling, I am stitching the months in German, so there isn't a "Y".


Kaisievic said...

I love that you are stitching the months in German and it is looking great so far.

Tiffstitch said...

That looks lovely! I have this in my to-do pile. There's too much in there right now, plus I'd like to maybe figure out how to make them into a rotating calendar. I plan to do mine in French. It's really great how she offers so many languages.

Honeybee said...

I'm dying to start this series! I've got a couple of WIPs I need to finish first though. Will be keeping an eye on your progress!