Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Owen's Birth Sampler finished

I know, Owen turned 2 at the beginning of January......but I did get this one done in February, so I'm close to the second birthday deadline I gave myself......sorta, kinda.....

This one is from a kit by Dimensions called Happi Transportation.  (Did I ever mention that I don't like kits?)
I switched out the fabric and the floss, so the only think I used was the chart.  There were half stitches with one strand, and half stitches with two strands and half stitches with 3 strands.....there were whole stitches.....and then there was the backstitching......lots, and lots and lots of backstitching.....but it did turn out rather well! 

I will be having it framed next time I go to Welcome Stitchery.


Barb said...

Cute Birth Sampler. I'm sure he'll love it for years to come. Great job onit.

Barbi said...

This is so cute! Great job!