Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black Cat Stitchery Revisited

 Saturday morning, we set out at the crack of 9:30 to take the drive to Black Cat Stitchery in Winthrop Harbor IL.  I picked up Trudi and Michelle, and off we went in the rain!

An hour later we arrived at Black Cat Stitchery, a shop that has just celebrated it's 1 year anniversary.

Lea, Sara and Kay were already there and had been shopping for a bit.  Thanks to Kay's expert navigation and driving, they arrived without incident, much earlier that I expected.  Lea and Sara have a reputation for taking the "scenic route" whenever they go somewhere.
 In the year that elapsed since I last visited the shop, the inventory has been increased.  I was happy to see that!  There are also models up on the wall, which were rather bare last visit.  I did have an opportunity to speak to Erica, one of the owners, and she mentioned that their web site will be going live in a few weeks.  I was happy to hear that too!
Holly arrived a bit later, but wasted no time finding stitching goodies to take home with her.  Another Michelle also met us there!   We filled up the shop and kept Erica's business partner, Paula, quite busy at the cash register. 

After the stash enhancement, most of us drove up the road just a bit to the Stone Creek Grill for lunch.  The Stoney fries were yummy as was the rest of our meals.  We were so busy showing off our purchases, and chatting that we forgot to take a picture!


Kay said...

Fun day! Glad you all made it home safely, too.

Melody said...

Glad to read about another shop...thanks for sharing.