Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Different Kind of Finish

We were invited to a 4th of July party last weekend, and I volunteered to bring a desert. I needed something quick and easy, something that would work well on a buffet table, and something with a "wow" factor.

I found canoli shells at a local produce mart that specializes in Italian imports. After scouring the internet for filling recipes, finally found one that combined both ricotta and mascarpone cheese.

It was quite easy to mix up the filling, pipe it into the shells, and dip the ends into mini chocolate chips and chopped pistacioes. They were a hit! And they were quite tasty too!


CalamityJr said...

They look scrumptious!

KIM said...

You need to share this yummy recipe with your bestie from the central part of the state--don't you think? Lol! I LOVE canoli's.

Ranae said...

Those look so good. the beat finishes are cross stitcch and food, lol

CindyMae said...

They look and sound yummy!!!

Lisa said...

That is definitely a "WOW" factor! And almost looks like a firework, thus keeping with the theme. What fun!
Take care.