Thursday, September 02, 2010

Stitcher's Crossing, Madison WI

On a recent trip to Madison Wisconsin, it was necessary to check out the local needlwork shops.

Michelle had recommended two shops to visit. She said one was a really good shop and one was just okay. Marguerite and I stopped at the one that was "just okay" first.

Stitcher's Crossing was really a very nice shop, with lots of quilting fabric, some yarns and a small section of cross stitch charts.

There were some models up on the wall, and I found it to be a very welcoming shop.
Although the cross stitch section was small, I found lots of the newest releases.

I even found a fat quarter to finish a pin keep! I had been looking for the right fabric for quite awhile, and I found the perfect piece of fabric!

All in all, I would say it was well worth stopping at Stitcher's Crossing!


Laura said...

How exciting!!! Will you be telling us about the other shop too????? It might make me run right up to Madison!!!!!

Michelle said...

Eva - I've been gone from Madison for 6.5 years. Good to hear that the small stitching section has improved from what I remember.