Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cross Stitch Station visit

While in Virginia, at the Sue Hillis Stitch-In, many of us took a trip to Waynesboro to visit Cross Stitch Station.

The 90 minute drive was very scenic and relaxing, since I didn't have to drive.

We were greeted by the owner of the shop, her husband and staff. The shop itself is very, very tiny, but jam packed full of wonderful stash!

There were lots and lots of models on the wall, and all the newest designs in bins. Lots of fibres and accessories, too!

Because we had a large group, a tent had been set up in the parking lot, with additional goodies to look at. The ice tea, lemonaide and cookies that were served were yummy.

Everyone had a lovely time shopping and chatting in the tent while we were waiting. I managed to find a few things I needed, too!


Elaine said...

Oh wow! Looks like the perfect day out to me. We don;t have shops like this here in Scotland. I;m just a teeny no big bit

Godi said...

What is it?

Ninnu said...

It looks like the wonderful place! ..and the models are very nice!