Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New to Me Shop

I am still short some floss for an upcoming project, and I didn't want to drive all the way out to Welcome Stitchery for just a little bit. I remembered this needlepoint shop in Northbrook, not to far from my office, so that's where I went on Tuesday's lunch hour.

North Shore Needleworks is great shop, even if you don't do Needlepoint! It has lots and lots of fibres! I was able to pick up the few skeins of Weeks that I needed, and was able to check out the Caron Wildflowers colors so that I can make some color changes to a future project. I wouldn't go there for lots of overdyed cotton, because they are a bit more expensive than Welcome Stitchery, but when you need one or two skeins, it is a handy option.

I found out that they also do framing and finishing, so I will keep them in mind for those services, too.

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Elaine said...

Eva you are so lucky to have all those wonderful shops nearby. Sadly they have all died a death here in Scotland and I have to trade or buy online.