Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello from Richmond Virginia!

This weekend, I am in Richmond, Virginia, helping to organize a stitching retreat for a bunch of crazy women. I taught a Hardanger class, did a Mail Art Demonstration, and did lots of other organzing. It was a great event. This first photo is of the Tea Party held Saturday afternoon at Sue's home. Yes, many of the ladies were wearing hats!

Here is most of the group. We had two car loads of crazy Canadians, we had a number of people drive up from Florida. from Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, from Georgia, from all over the eastern US, and one came all the way from Austrailia.

I did not get much sleep at all, and didn't get much stitching done either.

1 comment:

Lillie said...

I thought its an English afternoon tea party. Yes, because of the hats.

Wish we could have one here.