Monday, August 20, 2007

I fixed it!

Yesterday, I had a bunch of people over for a bar-be-que on the new deck. (this is the third time I have planned something out on the deck, and the third time it was raining!)

Due to the rain, everyone was inside. SOMEONE pushed a lot of buttons on the remote for either the cable box or the TV set, and I could only get sound in Spanish on channel 2, and no sound at all on many of the other channels. Tony couldn't fix it, I couldn't fix it, so I called the cable company, and they couldn't figure it out, either.

I came home late this evening, and tried again. This time I was successful! Now it all works just fine.

On a side note, I am still waiting for a few more picture to be e-mailed to me so that I can do a "proper" trip report.


Martha said...

Congratulations! Feels great to fix things, doesn't it?
I felt proud when I changed my door locks the other week. Proud again when telling this to a MALE colleague who says "you? changed the locks? how? So they like sell those things at Home Depot? Just a screwdriver, huh?"

Clare said...

Nice to see you back Eva - pleased to hear all is now fixed!