Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The next time I see this piece, it will be all finished!

This is Quilt Sampler 1 by Linda Myers, and I am doing it as my piece for a Color Round Robin. For you non-stitchers out there, a Round Robin, or RR, is a piece that is sent around to the members of a group and everyone stitches a part of it.

This is a Color RR, and I have chosen blue. There are 8 of us in this group, and since the piece has 9 squares, I did 2 of them and the border.

Before it is finished, it will travel all across the US, and to England and Australia. Every 6 weeks, a new piece will show up in the mail for me to stitch on, and then send it on. When finished, all 8 of us will end up with some beautiful pieces.



Kristin said...

how are you going to get all your projects done if you have to work on 7 more of these???

you've got numerous x-mas stockings to make for your children, and a wedding sampler for mark and Karen, and soon one for me and Jon... you're taking on more than you can hanlde!!!

Eva said...

It will all get done in due time, my dear. YOU need to pick a wedding pillow and wedding sampler.


Finlands finest said...